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1. Try to see the world through you child’s eyes.

2. Always take your youngster’s telephone call when you are at work.

3. Teach you child the Golden Rule – and live by it.

4. Always keep your promises.

5. Refrain from doing two things at once. Give your son or daughter your full attention.

6. Proudly display your youngster’s awards, trophies, and school projects.

7. Always give your child a second chance.

8. Teach your kid that men and women are equal.

9. Instead of lecturing your child, try illustrating, communicating, quietly talking, and sharing.

10. Interview your child on tape and save these wonderful pieces of family history.

11. Guide your child through life instead of pushing him through it.

12. Tuck a compliment or love note in her lunch box.

13. Go to see your kid’s every performance in the school play.

14. Always be courteous and kind to your child.

15. Refrain from bringing up you youngster’s past mistakes.

16. Teach you kid that it is okay to be different from others. After all, some of the greatest among us have been unique.

17. Expand your youngster’s world in little ways, like new activities, different playgrounds, offbeat stores, out-of-the-way restaurants, unusual toys, and trendy books.
18. Compliment your kid in front of his friends.

19. Participate in marches for a worthy cause with your child.

20. Never, ever laugh at your youngster’s dreams.

21. Write to the White House and request that a birthday card be sent to your kid from the President.

22. Teach your child to be color-blind about race.

23. Never go to bed while angry at your youngster.

24. Make sure that your child always wears his seat belt, and set a good example by always wearing yours.

25. Wake up your little one with a kiss.

26. Take your kid on a tour of your workplace.

27. Never interrupt your youngster when he is sharing a story with you.

28. Get your kid’s clothes for school laid out and ready the night before.

29. Write a love letter to your child and send it through the mail.

30. Never compare your kid with others.

31. Invite your child’s friends over on a regular basis.

32. Say “I love you” in sign language across a crowded room.

33. Make your child feel important by asking his opinion.

34. Never, ever drink and drive.

35. Give your youngster a subscription to a quality child’s magazine in his or her name.
36. Spend your vacation time with your family. Buy a travel book and encourage your kids to read about the destination. Let them help decide what sights to see.

37. Cook dinner with your child. He will learn about meal planning and preparation. Plus, you’ll get to spend time together.

38. After an argument, hug your child.

39. Buy clothes that appeal to your child and not just to you.

40. Save all the cards, letters, and poems that your kid gives to you.

41. Learn nonviolent ways of disciplining your child.

42. “Adopt” a resident of a nursing home who is lonely and visit him with your child.

43. Get a video camera and take tons of family movies.

44. Never allow any family put-downs.

45. Play hooky from your chores this weekend and spend the time together having fun.

46. Stop by your child’s classroom on the first day of school to meet his teacher.

47. Talk to you kid about drugs before it is too late. And create an environment in your home where all topics can be openly discussed.

48. Take action if you aren’t happy with your youngster’s teacher, coach, or school.

49. Schedule a weekly appointment with each child. Mark it on your calendar.

50. Ask you child to give you a list of things that will make him feel loved
by Cyndi Haynes