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The main focus of this page is the capture of Six Meter Rover & Grid Expedition activity in the 144 most rare FFMA grid squares.

To wit: "Of the 488 FFMA grids, some 262 separate grids are needed by one or more of the 34 leaders who have supplied grids to the FFMA user’s group. 226 grids are needed by no leaders, and probably should be considered commonly available. The 144 grids that are needed by 10% or more of the leaders are the less commonly available grids, and the truly rare grids could be considered the 48 grids needed by 30% or more of the leaders." - The 2010 Most Wanted List by Kevin Kaufhold - W9GKA


Grid Expeditions to some of the rarer FFMA grid squares can be found on a table maintained by Sean Kutzko, KX9X on the ARRL's FFMA page

For definitive discussions pertaining to the Fred Fish Memorial Award, join the FFMA Email List.

If you're interested in finding what grid squares are at the top of everyone's needs list, please download the very latest information file -          FFMA Leader Board & Most Wanted Grids Charts (Ver. 6.30) by Bill Ockert, ND0B and Jim Skjervem, KS7S - Uploaded March 25, 2017.

Note:  Please make a single entry for each calendar date---
I.E. if you're planning on a 3 day expedition, you should be making 3 entries - one for each day utilizing the Submit button each time.
FFMA ACTIVE 7-19 0102
FFMA Grid Expeditions Calendar
Please make a single entry for each day of expedition operation!

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6 & 7 GMT
Start time - see notes
50.191 MHz

EME Operation!
K1WHS and KB3SII are going up to northernmost Maine to activate FN67, FN57 and FN56 on 6m EME. The dates have just been confirmed - they plan to head up there on Sunday October 5 and be QRV on EME October 6 and 7 GMT. They plan to set up during the daytime and hope to be QRV near their moonrise late in the day October 5 GMT. Weather may be a factor in their operational schedule.

They hope to have some internet access, and if they do they will be on the ON4KST EME CHAT page: http://www.on4kst.org/chat/login.php?band=5

It is not clear exactly where they will set up first, so watch the above page for last minute information.  One possibility is for them to set up on the FN56/FN57 line the first night, and then move 3 miles east to a clearing in FN67aa, which was previously scouted out by K1WHS last spring.

The callsign will be KB3SII and they expect to operate on 50.191, provided there are no birdies for them on that frequency . They will always TX FIRST sequence JT65A and will use the 6m EME DXpedition procedure below in order to quickly work as many stations as possible:

Thanks goes to Lance, W7GJ for this late breaking information...

6 & 7 GMT

50.191 MHz
N6363L@gmail.com See above

6 & 7 GMT

50.191 MHz
N6363L@gmail.com See above

Last Edited: October 1, 2014