My apologies for a delayed start to the implementation of this site. It was my hope to be tracking and posting 6M Grid Expeditions during the 2015 Es season but cancer got in the way of my ambitions for a bit of time. I'm glad to report that I'm currently cancer-free! That little scare also prompted the next big step in my life - I retired after 32 years in the Fire Service. So in-between honey do's and retirement travel, I may actually be able to chase a few squares as well as continue building and maintaining this web site.  Wish me luck.

Jon Pearl - W4ABC
March 1, 2016
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This web site's main focus is tending to the needs of the FFMA Grid Chaser & Grid Expeditioner. 
FFMA Operations: 
Emphasis is on gathering information and tracking operations in the most needed grid squares (144 of them) as found in the latest version of the FFMA Leader Board & Most Wanted Grids Charts (Ver. 6.30) by Bill Ockert, ND0B and Jim Skjervem, KS7S - Uploaded March 25, 2017.  We'll accomplish this by maintaining two tables - FFMA Grid Expeditions and FFMA Active Operators.

Listed below are some of the key points that I hope to accomplish:

FFMA Grid Expeditions Calendar:
Grid Expedition Operators - please avail yourselves of the template driven expeditions calendar.  Hopefully, I've made it easy enough for you to include the proper amount of information that will help you make your expedition a success for both you and the Grid Chaser.  In the event that you'd like to expand your expedition coverage, I'll make a web page (see TE1ST example) available to you to include:

FFMA Active Operators List:
This question seems to come up each and every E Skip season, "Who's available in the rarer grids that I need?"  As you well know, some grids have no active six meters operators in them while other rare grids have a few - but they need to be identified.  The Active Operators Listing is for sharing.  If you have knowledge of a six meter operator who is either a permanent or seasonal resident in one of the rarer grid squares, why not share what you know?

Non-FFMA Active Operators List:
I knew I was in trouble the first time an operator outside of the US asked to be listed and I didn't have a place to list him, so I created an additional page for active six meter operators who lie outside of the FFMA 144 Most Wanted grid squares and wish to make their presence known.

Operating Aids:
Here you'll find a list of applications & links to help you to move through your list of needed grid squares, more quickly.

Raison D'être:
To say Thank You -- to give back.  Each and every season an intrepid band of adventurers head off in a dozen different directions, expending their own time, energy and money in anticipation of filling the needs of operators like you and me who need a few more grid squares to add to the logbook.  This is how I'm most able to help them to do what they do for the rest of us.


Jon Pearl - W4ABC